Click on the Model number to see more information about that boat.  Prices are for shipment of a single boat into the noted zones.

Factory Direct sales are not available in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, or British Columbia. Please contact a dealer in your area for deli every (Note: dealers buy boats in quantities, which reduce shipping costs.).  Alaska, Hawaii and international shipment will be quoted by the factory.

For factory quotes call 800 266 0197.

Model MSRP Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
10D $1939 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
12D $1956 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
12L $2749 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
12S $2749 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
14L $3029 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
14LW $3699 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
14S $3029 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
14SW $3699 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
15 $3759 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
15W $4499 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
16 $5149 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
16W $5649 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ
16WW $6200 $FQ $FQ $FQ $FQ

Delivery prices are estimates and may be higher or lower at time of order. Duroboat will try to find the most economical route. Customers may save if they are flexible as to delivery time.

Destination & Delivery Charges:

Shipping prices have been temporarily changed to FQ  (factory quote)   as a result of fluctuating shipping costs due to rapid change of fuel prices. When prices stabilize and we can confirm costs for any period of time we hope to publish shipping estimates for your convenience.

Delivery Zones:
Zone 1: Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Eastern Montana
Zone 2: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota
Zone 3: Remaining States West of the Mississippi River
Zone 4: Remaining States East of the Mississippi River

Only one destination charge on multiple boat orders.
Bow rails& Consoles: no delivery charge if ordered with a boat.

Contact Online Sales at or call 800-266-0197, for a Duroboat dealer in your area or arrange the delivery of a Duroboat to your door!

It is up to the customer to arrange for a boat trailer if required, and for installation of the console and rigging for an outboard if required. we highly recommend that you arrange for a local dealer as a point of delivery. It is up to the customer to comply with local regulations regarding boat license requirements, and also with respect to local sales taxes.

All Orders Must Be Prepaid.

Prices are subject to change without notice.                 

All models use 5052 corrosion resistant aluminum.
Where .063 or .072 is listed that is 5052-H36 aluminum alloy with tensile strength of 40,000 PSI ( comparable to mild steel).
Dimensions and weights are nominal and modest variation may occur.
Duroboat reserves the right to change specifications at any time.