Accessories, Options and Spares

These are parts and accessories commonly used to accessorize or support your Duroboat. 

The descriptions answer the most commonly asked questions.  We would like to see you purchase most of the accessory items from your Durobat dealer. 

But, if it is more convenient for you to get them through us please give us a call at 731 986 2524.

We have not yet turned this web site into an electronic store front so for the near term you will have to use the phone to discuss your needs and snali mail to make an order.

Currently we do not take credit cards. The dealers do.  We will soon enter the 20th century.  The 21st will take just a little longer.

Send your checks or money orders ( US Funds)  to 8405 Hwy 22, huntingdon TN 38344.     Include your phone number and a street address.

Shipping prices below are for US lower 48 states delivery.  Canada, Alaska and Hawaii will be more

For apparel items and select aftermarket or other fun items for sale,please see the gear page.

  Name Price Shipping Description
Bowrail $550 Call Limited Availability by Special arrangement with factory.

High Quality Stainless bowrail. 8 ft long 9 inches high. Great added protection that adds beauty and a nautical look to Duroboats from 16 to 14 ft. Difficult to ship. This big console is best ordered from dealer stock.
Mom's feel better with this handhold for the kids.
Floor Mount Console FCON $710 $36 The FCON (right side in photo) provides a forward looking helm position. Highly recommended with boats greater than 30HP. The FCON includes a console body, steering wheel, steering gear, steering cable, detachable custom windscreen and a motor control mounting box. Motor controls, shift and speed cables are supplied by your dealer to match your motor.
Fits best on the 16 and 15 walk through boats but will work on the 14.
Bench Mount Console BCON $710 $27 The BCON is essentialy the same as the FCON but designed to mount to a Duroboat Bench instead of the floor.
Woks well on 16, 15 and 14 foot bench models

Passenger Consoles FPAX or BPAX $434 $24 Provide your guest or significan other the same comfort that you get from sitting behind a windscreen. The Floor or Bench passenger consoles are the same units as the full consoles but the steering gear is removed and the steering wheel hole covered. (FPAX is on left in photo) The floor version adds some extra storage. Fits same boat sizes as other full size consoles
MiniBCON $649 $24 MBCON has All the same features of the full size consoles. But with just a little less length in the body. Designed for and works best on 10 through 12 ft Duroboat Bench models. Can work on the 14 for folks who thik they would be squeezed a little by the full size console.
Split Side Rails $389 $37 High quality and strong stainless rails provide 6ft long 7 inch high added protection and good looks for your Duroboat. These rails were designed for the 12 and 14 ft boats but are often used on all of the other models. They allow boaters easier access to the boat from the beach.
Transom boards $49 -89 $20,-40 Transom Boards are stained and come in sm, med and large sizes. Samll at $49 is used on the 10,12,and 14 ft boats. Medium at $59 is used on the 14 when a larger motor pad is desired. it is standard on 14 ft boats for 2007. Large $79 boards are used on the 15ft and pre 2003 16 ft boats. Boards are shipped with a set of stainless carriage bolts and nuts. Sun and salt are tough on wood so keep your looking good with periodic light sanding and fresh varnish.
Stern Handles $43 $12 Stern Handles.

Price is each handle. Please indicate port or starboard.
Buy both and pay only one shipping charge.
Current handles will fit most early Duroboats but may require some additional drilling on your gunwales and possbly a little encouragement from a rubber mallet.
sealant/adhesive $13 $6 Urethane sealant, Has several uses in and around a Duroboat. Used in joints and behind rear corner castings.
We often refer to it as Vulkem but it is currently a Trempro product. This sealant takes a few days to set well so in some cases you may want to use a faster setting marine sealant available at marine stores.
E-6000 adhesive $14 $6 E 6000 aqdhesive is used for adhering vinyl rubrail to gunwale.
Keel and Hull Casting Aswsys $26 $9 Stern and Keel casting assemblies. Each consist of a casting a large washer and a bolt. Price is per assembly. When ordering make sure you specify Port, starboard or Keel assembly.
Downrigger Mounts $29 $9 Simple aluminum platforms that provide a flat surface for mounting your downrigger. Shipped with stainless fasteners and neopreme backed washers.
Bow Eye Assembly $42 $9 This is the 3 part assembly used on current Duroboats. It consists of 3 pieces and inner and outer casting and a stainless steel bow eye. It will replace the bow eye casting from early generation duroboats. Installation requires use of duroboat or other marine sealant sold separately.
Bow Handle $32 $9 Bow Handle Casting shipped with Fasteners
Grabrails Stainless 18 $35 $9 grabrails, stainless, 18" These rails provide attractive handholds and tie off points for fenders.
price is per handrail.
Oar Lock Sockets $26 $9 Oar Lock Sockets. These are designed to fit along side the Duroboat gunwale. They may work on other boats.
The sockets will accept a 1/2 inch diameter oar lock
Touch up paint Call Call Small bottles of touch up paint. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Due to restrictions on shipping paint we have discuontinued availabilty ofthese itesm.

Blue, Teal, Red or Yellow can be approximated with the purchase of Pettit Easy Poxy paints.
the best matches are electric blue, blue-green, Bright Red and Sunflower yellow respectively.

As paint lots vary and paint on boats wears a bit these will be a close but possibly not perfect match.

Good for small areas. If you need to paint a large area see the article on the subject at the Duroboat Experience
Fasteners $6,.50 $6 Stainless pan head screws with nylock nuts. Package of 10.
These are used to hold seats to hull and often replaced if a boat is being painted.
Neopreme Backed Washers $6,.50 $5 These are the washers that are used to seal the screw holes where the seats are bolted to the hull. Sold in packages of 10. They are stainless washers with a rubber like seal. Often replaced if the boat is being painted or they become unsighlty from salt build up.
Drain Plug $6 $4 Basic drain plug.

Don't leave the launch ramp without it. Installed.
Console Grab Rails $239 $29 Stainless grab rails with fasteners. These rails provide a place to grab in rough water or when getting in our out of the boat. They add a measure of protection for winsctreens. Grabrails offer handholds that are easily reached from the top, sides or front of the consoles. These may be installed on floor mount, bench mount or mini consoles at both helm or passenger positions. You must specify if they are floor or bench consoles. Mini cons take the bench grab rail. Grab rails ship with stainless fasteners. Install to allow fingers to easily reach through between the top of the winscreen and the rail.
Bow Casting Old Style $39 $6 These match the bow casting on very early Duroboats. WE have a few available. they are not drilled.
Handle casting old $24 $4 An old cast handle used on the early durobots. The handle is not drilled. Available while they last.
Trolling Motor Mount $39 $12 The trolling motor mount is an aluminum platform that installs on the forward bowshelf of a Duroboat. The mount provides a flat 6" X 19 " platform that is 4 inches above the bowshelf. It should work with most trolling motors but we advise knowing the mounting requirements and deploymnet operation of your trolling motor before deciding if our mount will work for you.
Consider how the combination will work.

$109 $29 Duroboat Windscreens offer additional protection from the elements with a smoke tint. Screens are roughly 19" wide, 16.5" tall, and 9.5" deep.
Note the butterfly fasteners holding the windscreen to the console. If you are replacewing an older console you may have to drill larger holes in the console to make this fit. Confirm your console is approximately 18 inches across.