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Duroboat Basebal Cap





$6 Basic ball cap. Blue with yellow or White with Blue letters. Ask about other colors that might be in stock.




Durojoint ball cap





$4 This hat has a block letter DUROBOAT with script letters Durojoint Technology below. We mis-communicated with our supplier so we are overstocked. You get a price cut. These are the same hats worn by the men of the Duroboat over 35 softball. various colors while they last.





Beach Wheels





$26 Do not order without speaking to the factory.

Beach wheels make it easy to move your boat from the water to well up on the beach. Wheels will fit boats 10 to 15 ft but are most practical for the boats under 15 ft. Wheels stow up when on the water and fold down for use on the beach. Addittional transom supports are required. they are available in a set of two for $99.

You may want to purchase direct from Wasy Launch Wheels








$18 Wheel support braces. Transom support for use in conjunction with wheel kits. Set of 2. Shipping is $5, free if ordered with wheels kits.




Boat Cart





Call Do Not purchase withour speaking to the factory
Boat Cart, these are the same rugged carts we use around the factory to move boats during manufacture. They are pretty tough. They have large plastic wheels identical to those used on the beach wheel kits.

You may want to purchase directly from Easy Launch Wheels