Due to a Hacker attack on our data base we are not able to show you all aspects of the boats available in our normal fashion.   We apologize and are working to improve this part of the website.  Common features are listed first and followed with boat specifics.

Materials and standard features.

All Duroboats unless otherwise noted have substantial vee hulls.  All feature the Durojoint, no structural rivet , no welded  seam,  philosophy.   All dimensions are nominal some small variations can occur.

All boats have flotation in the seats or sometimes laterally in the floors to allow them to meat US Coast Guard safety Requirements.

Boats are predominantly 5052 corrosion resistant aluminum with 6000 series extrusions and castings.

10 ft boats feature .050 bottoms and sides and transoms.

12 ft Boats feature .063 bottoms and transoms and .050 sides.

14 ft boats feature .063 bottoms, transoms and sides.

15 and 16 ft boats feature .072 to .077 bottoms and .063 sides and transoms.

Boats all have heavy duty bow corner Handles with tie off points.

All boats have stainless Bow eyes and drain plugs.

Boats all have cockpit floors and the 12S and larger have tank boards.  Walk through models have full chine to chine floor boards.

All bench model boats have oar lock sockets.

Every Duroboat on these pages can be tiller operated or fitted with a Duroboat bench or floor mount console for forward steering.

The 10T, 12S, 12L, 14S, 14L, 14SW, 14LW, 15, 15W, 16, 16W, and 16 Center Console all have bow shelves.  Boats may be purchased with   blue, yellow, or red powder coated exteriors.   Bare aluminum can be chosen as well.   White, federal green and other colors are options available at extra costs.   All interiors are painted to dampen sun glare.  

Where you see stainless rails, consoles, seats, lights and other items these are typically sold as options by Duroboat or dealers or added to customer boats as aftermarket items.



This is our smallest boat.     It is designed for light weight and car topping but is a very capable little boat in choppy water.  The 10D has a single cockpit framed by two bench seats.  It makes an excellent beach boat, dock boat, low cost dinghy. It has one flat floorboard in the center cockpit.  It can be carried in the back of a pick up truck.  



See the website Yacht tenders page for information on Finghies and yacht tenders.    The 10T is based on our 10 ft. It comes with two bench seats.  It has extra features including a bow shelf, a full set of floor boards and  4 stainless handles.  These push the weight to 150 lbs but add enough stability to allow for 10HP.   The 10T  is standard in Yacht white but can be supplied in standard Duroboat colors.  Actually any other Duroboat can be converted to a tender.

L: 10ft ,   Beam:  62”,  Weight:   150,    People Cap: 3,    Max HP:   10,    Transom:  short 15”



Production suspended but may be available by special arrangement.

The 12D is a light boat.  Also a car topper, the 12D  has 3 bench seats.  It is standard without exterior paint, bow shelf or rub rails.  It offers a lower cost alternative to the full size 12.   It has the same bottoms as the 12S or 12L .  It weighs 154lb.  It has shorter sides than the 12S or 12L.   

L: 12ft ,   Beam:  63”,  Weight:   154,    People Cap: 3,    Max HP:   10,    Transom:  short 15”

Model Designations:      On the boats that follow, models with an S or L tells you the transom height.  A W stands for Walk Through.  Absence of a W means a 3 bench model traditional skiff.   The walk through configuration is available with 14, 15 and 16 ft. hulls.    W boats do not have a center seat.  Walk through boats instead have two storage boxes approximately at the mid-ship point.   As the name says this allows easy walking from the back to front without stepping over a center seat.   Walk Through boats have full chine to chine floors.  The chine line is where the side of a boat meets and runs alon with the bottom.   The larger floor serve two major purposes they elevate the floor level about ¾ of an inch which lets them spread all the way laterally to the chine of the boat and at the same time provide room for below floor flotation to compensate for the lack of flotation in the center seat.   The Walk through boat floors provide additional safety and comfort for all boaters but have a particular appeal for older boaters who appreciate the firm footing.

12S and 12L


These are big water 12 foot skiffs, capable in reservoirs, river estuaries and semi protected coastal waters.   They are at home on small lakes and able to get into backwater about as effectively as a jon boat.  The Duroboat 12 can be selected to accommodate short and long shaft motors   These may be the best overall 12 ft aluminum boats anywhere.  The sides are high and the interiors deep.  They are wide boats but will still set between the wheel wells of a full size pickup.  A great nautical look in a small boat.

L: 12ft ,   Beam: 65”,  Weight: 184 lbs.,  People Cap: 4,    Max HP:   15,  Transom:  short 15” or long 20”

14S, 14L, 14SW, 14LW


The 14 again is an aluminum boat standard.  Our four models offer motor length and internal layout choices.  The hull form is quite nautical and follows the 12, just longer and with a bit more flotation.  It is in boats 14 and up that people begin to choose walk through configurations and more frequently consider adding option such as the rails and consoles.   Some folks car top our 14 but most often a trailer is utilized.  The 14 has all the big water and backwater features of a 12 but with a bit more room and capability.  It has a slightly larger transom board to allow for bigger motor footprints.  The walk trough imodels are 29lbs  heavier than the 3 bench models.

L: 14ft , Beam:  65”,  Weight:  211/240 lbs.  People Cap: 4,  Max HP: 25, Transom:  short 15” or long 20”

15, 15W


The 15 ft. Duroboats are exceptional.  They have a nearly perfect skiff look.  They can be thought of as a large well-formed skiff, perfect for tiller driving in tough water but with an elegant look that easily transitions to a small runabout with the additions of just a few options.  We estimate half of all 15 footers remain as tiller drivers and half receive remote steering consoles.  This makes a great fishing boat or island commuter.   The 15 is a fun boat to drive but we are inclined to say that about all our boats.  We have heard of one 15 that helped a brave fisherman reel in a 249 lb. Nile Perch while he was being attacked by a 15 ft croc.  The croc was not able to leap into the high sided 15 and it did not spill its pilot into the water.  It is probably the hull style most often chosen as a work boat.  15s have been put to work in jungles and the arctic and a lot of places in between.  There is a weight differential between the bench and walk through model.

L: 15ft , Beam:  72”,  Weight:  300/340 lbs.  People Cap: 5,  Max HP: 30, Transom:  long 20”

16, 16W, 16 center console. 


The 16 is the largest and most adaptive Duroboat.  The 16 does not give up its ability to work shallow waters but it shines in big water.  The Duroboat 16 is the only Duroboat Hull to feature an aluminum encased transom boards and a full width  mounting area for a trolling motor along with a motor well to return any following sea that crests the transom, back to the sea.   The 16 is sometimes tiller driven but most of the time it is set up with remote controls and stainless rails. It has the look of a substantial but sleek coastal runabout.   A renown fisherman it can do alternate duty as a family fun boat, work boat or big time explorer.  One 16 ft Duroboat has already completed the 6000 mile great loop which features many rivers , the Gulf of Mexico , the inter-coastal waterway and the Great Lakes.   The Duroboat 16 may be the bell weather of the coming Light Sport Boating TM trend.   No boat matches more performance and capability with simplicity, economy and boating sustainability.   The 16 and 16 W are long time Duroboat favorites.  The new center console features a double wide walk around true center console with standard console grab rails and side rails.   The center console is a neat coastal boat that runs shallow enough to be considered as a dual purpose boat for big water and the flats.  We know Duroboat 16 foot hulls have caught a lot of monster salmon and will troll slow for trout but we also know they have been used to land fish as long as 101 inches and as heavy as 249 lbs.  Then there are the moose they have hauled from the Yukon.  The list of accomplishments goes on.   

16,16W   L: 16ft , Beam:  75”,  Weight:  340/400 lbs.  People Cap: 5,  Max HP: 40, Transom:  long 20”

Note 16 and 16W may be rated for 50HP with one person reduction in capacity.

16CC  L: 16ft , Beam:  75”,  Weight:  460 lbs.  People Cap: 5,  Max HP: 50, Transom:  long 20”