The 16 is Duroboat's maximum achievement in small boat design. The 16 ft hull was the platform for the Duroboat that in the summer of 2009 two young women completed the 6000 mile Great Loop. The Durojoint system enables the 16 to have a strong, seaworthy hull that because of its light weight preforms great with outboard motors of modes horsepower. A 25 horsepower motor will plane a full load a over 20 mph, and a 40 HP motor will give speeds of 35-40 mph, depending on total weight. A fully rigged 16W with console, 40 HP motor, a galvanized roller trailer, has a gross towing weight of under 1,000 LBS. The 16 is a great boat to tow behind a downsized car or truck, yet has plenty of room for your gear. The strength of the durojoint joined with H36 marine grade aluminum, enables us to build strength and light-weight into the same hull. The 16 it a fine tiller drive skiff but it is really sweet when rigged with a stainless bowrail and remote steering console.

The 16 was recently redesigned to offer a sleek new profile, interior full width straight transom and full width splash well. Behind the rear seat is 9 cu ft of un interrupted storage with flat surfaces for fuel tanks battery and stuff. The new design offers looks, drier big water performance, convenience and room to mount a small trolling motor.

The 16 has three bench seats. Excellence, in a traditional skiff configuration.

The 16W is a walk through model. The middle bench is replaced with a split set of seat boxes. Each provides storage. The flotation that would normally be in the middle bench is below the floor.

The 16WW has the middle split and a rear split with the same two boxes. In this boat the rear boxes can be used for seating but since they contain flotation material they are not available for storage. The main purpose of the rear split is to allow a tiller driver to sit sideways. It is made only on special order.


Model MSRP Length Beam Bow
Weight Hp
Capacity Transom
16 $5149 16' 76 39 350 25-40* 5/950 20 .072/.063
16W $5649 16' 76 39 400 25-40* 5/950 20 .072/.063
16WW $6200 16' 76 39 410 25-40* 5/950 20 .072/.063