The 14 is Duroboat's most popular boat, with over 3,000 being produced since production began in 1983. The 14 seems to be the perfect size for many recreational purposes. Capable of taking a fisherman and a couple of family members or buddies out on the Puget Sound or Chesapeake Bay or your favorite lake for a day of fishing. The hull is large and seaworthy enough to keep the crew safe. A 15 HP outboard will give spirited performance, and 25 HP will give really spirited performance. At 210 lbs, the 14 is light enough to handle up and down the beach, if a bit heavy for cartop carry. The optional stainless steel bowrail and remote steering console turn the 14 into a seaworthy small runabout. Recommended for fishing, exploring, beachcombing and other uses where the water might get a little rough.

"W" denotes walk-through seating, where the middle seat or thwart is replaced with a box on either side of the hull that serves as a seat and as a storage compartment. In order to provide a floor with maximum dimensions for passenger comfort, the floorboards are raised to the level of the chine, giving the 14W maximum room for passengers to stretch out. At 240 lbs, the 14W gives excellent performance with either a 15 or 25 HP outboard. Optional bowrail and remote steering console.

The "S" or "L" in the model designation indicates a short 15" or long 20" transome to accommodate your short or long transom moter.


Model MSRP Length Beam Bow
Weight Hp
Capacity Transom
14L $3029 14' 65 29 221 8-25 4/700 20 .063/.063
14LW $3699 14' 65 29 241 8-25 4/700 20 .063/.063
14S $3029 14' 65 29 210 8-25 4/700 15 .063/.063
14SW $3699 14' 65 29 240 8-25 4/700 15 .063/.063