The regular 12 foot Duroboat is a real "big-water" 12 footer. Because of the seaworthy wide-beam construction, the 12 is suitable for use as a saltwater beach-boat, that will keep your family safe when the waves have gotten too big too soon. At 183 lbs, the 12 is capable of cartop carry, and is the perfect size to fit in the bed of a full-size pickup truck. The 12 foot is built with the same hard-chine V-hull design as the larger Duroboats, giving the 12 enjoyable performance at planing speeds when the water gets a little rough, and the flat bottom rivited boats have wisely headed for shore. 12S for 15" transom, 12L for 20" transom. At only 183 lbs the 12 is light enough for one person to drag down to the beach, and for two to carry up the beach. Recommended for crabbing, beachcombing, etc....


Model MSRP Length Beam Bow
Weight Hp
Capacity Transom
12L $2749 12' 64 29 184 4-15 4/622 20 .063/.050
12S $2749 12' 64 29 183 4-15 4/622 15 .063/.050